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Education Module
Jan 15, 2024

Lesson: The Education Module in Epinomy


Welcome to the Education Module of Epinomy! If you're an instructor or someone who teaches, this is where you'll spend a lot of your time. Think of the Education Module as your digital classroom, where you can manage everything about your students. In this lesson, we'll explore all the corners of this module. Let’s dive in!

1. What is the Education Module?

The Education Module is like a big toolbox in Epinomy. It's designed for schools, colleges, or anyone who wants to teach and manage learning. It's where you'll set up classes, track student progress, create assignments, and much more.

2. Key Features of the Education Module

  • Student Profiles: A space for every student’s info, like name, email, and grades.
  • Courses: You can list out all the subjects or classes you teach.
  • Additional Content: Additional materials that can be added to enhance your courses.
  • Enrollments: This is where you add students to specific courses or classes.
  • Rooms: This is your classroom managment in a virtual environment.
  • Assignments: You can give out homework or tasks for students here.
  • Grading: After students complete their tasks, you can grade them here.
  • Schedule: Plan out your lessons and let students know when each class will happen.

3. Set Up Your Digital Classroom

Adding Students: - In the previous lesson, we added students via Data Import. To manually add students individually, click on 'Student' under the 'Student and Instructor' section and add students from here. - Fill in the student's details like name and email. Save.

Create Academic Year: - Navigate to the Academic Year page via Search bar and create a new one.

Creating a Course: - Go to 'Courses' and click on 'Create New Course'. - Name your course, like 'MAT1000' for example, and describe what it's about. - To see everything you can do with this course, select the 'Connections' tab at the top of your course's page. - From the Connections tab, you can create anther DocType

Additional Content: - Article: The 'Article' DocType allows you to create written content on a specific subject, which can be easily shared with students or embedded within courses. You can add text, images, and links to make the content rich and engaging.

  • Quiz: The 'Quiz' DocType is designed for setting up interactive assessments for your students. You can add multiple-choice questions or true/false questions to test students' understanding of the course material.

  • Video: The 'Video' DocType enables you to embed or upload video content directly into the education module. This is great for lectures, tutorials, or any instructional video that aids in teaching a particular subject.

  • Topic: The 'Topic' DocType serves as a container for organizing various kinds of content like articles, quizzes, and videos into a coherent unit. This helps in structuring a course and making it easier for students to navigate through the learning material.

Create Program: - A Program will contain your courses. Navigate to the Program page and add a new Program. - Add your course(s) to your program.

Student Group: - Go to the 'Student Group' page and add a student group. The Group should be based on a Course.

Program Enrollment: - On the 'Program Enrollment' page, add a new program enrollment for each student. - This is like adding students to your class roster.

Set up a Room: - Navigate to the Room List page via Search bar or click 'Room' on the Education module's main page under 'Masters' section.

Add a Grading Scale: - Use the Search Bar, go to the Grading Scale list, and 'Add Grading Scale'

Assigning Homework: - Click on 'Assignments'. - Choose a course, write out the task, and set a due date.

Grading Assignments: - Once students finish their tasks, go to 'Grading'. - Check their work and give them a score.

Setting Up Your Schedule: - Head to 'Course Scheduling Tool' and set up your course schedule. - Pick dates and times for your classes, so students know when to show up.

Exercise: Assignment

Objective: Let's get hands-on with the Education Module! We'll give out an assignment grade it.


Give Out an Assignment: - Under 'Assignments', make a new task. - Name it and set a due date for next week.

Grade the Assignment: - Pretend a student submitted the task. Go to 'Grading'. - Check their work and give a grade out of 100.

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