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Introduction to Your Epinomy System
Jan 15, 2024

Epinomy System Introduction: A Guide for Pre-configured PCs


This guide is tailored for users who have acquired a PC with a pre-configured version of Epinomy (based on ERPNext). It will help you understand the key features and functionalities of your system, ensuring a smooth start to your experience.

1. Network Connection

  • Requirement: Your PC needs to be connected to a network. Internet connectivity is optional.

2. Logging into Your PC

  • Credentials: Log in to your PC using the provided 'PC Admin' credentials.
  • Security Note: Login credentials are not listed here for security. They are provided separately when you acquire the PC.

3. Accessing Epinomy

  • Site Name: Your Epinomy site is configured as 'epinomy.localhost'.
  • Desktop Shortcut: Find and double-click the 'Epinomy' icon on your desktop to open the site in your web browser.
  • Epinomy Admin Login: Use the 'Epinomy Admin' credentials to log in to the Epinomy site.

4. OpenPLC Integration

  • Bookmark Access: The browser's bookmarks toolbar contains a link to OpenPLC.
  • OpenPLC Login: Use the provided 'OpenPLC' credentials to log in and interact with the OpenPLC system.

5. Navigating the Epinomy Dashboard

  • Initial View: Upon logging in to Epinomy, you'll be greeted with a dashboard showing various modules and shortcuts, all pre-installed and set up.

6. User Management

  • Accessing User List: Navigate to the 'User List' through the search bar or sidebar.
  • User Types: The list includes the included users like the Instructor and Students.
  • Enabling/Disabling Users: Students are set as disabled by default. You can enable them as needed.
  • Viewing Credentials: Student login credentials and active status can be viewed/changed on their respective detail pages. Click a student's name to open their details page.

7. Inventory Management

  • Viewing Items: Warehouses and Items have been added to the system. Access the 'Item List' to see the pre-added items.
  • Managing Stock: You can view and manage the preconfigured Stock levels, Warehouses, and Items through the 'Stock' module or the search bar.

8. Website and E-Commerce

  • Accessing the Website: A pre-built e-commerce website is integrated within Epinomy.
  • Viewing Products: Navigate to the website to view and interact with products listed online. Click your profile image at the top right of the page and select 'View Website'

With your pre-configured Epinomy system, you are equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools for educational and business purposes. This guide serves as a starting point for exploring the functionalities and customizing the system to suit your needs.

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