Epinomy for Education (WIP)
Scope of Instruction
Jan 15, 2024

Scope of Instruction


  • Your Role: As an instructor, you'll introduce ERPNext and its role in logistics. This lesson sets the stage for the entire course, detailing what aspects of ERPNext you'll cover and what will be beyond the course's scope.

What You'll Cover:

  • Basics of ERPNext: You'll teach the fundamentals of ERPNext, focusing on logistics functions like inventory management, order processing, and warehouse operations.
  • Hands-On Exercises: Prepare to guide students through ERPNext tasks like creating purchase orders and managing stock. These practical exercises offer insights into the everyday use of an ERP system in logistics.
  • ERPNext for Educational Purposes: Explore ways to integrate ERPNext into classroom activities, such as inventory management for school resources or logistics simulations.
  • Simple Customizations: Show how to make basic adjustments in ERPNext to suit classroom needs, like modifying forms and reports.

What You Won't Cover:

  • Deep Technical Details: Avoid complex technical aspects like programming or system architecture. Focus on using ERPNext from a user's perspective.
  • IT Infrastructure Setup: Detailed IT setup, like server configuration or database management, isn't part of this course.
  • Extensive Third-Party Integrations: While you'll touch on MODBUS integration, don't delve into extensive external system connections.

In this lesson, you'll define the course boundaries, ensuring a targeted and practical approach to teaching ERPNext's logistics functionalities. This clarity helps in crafting lessons that are directly applicable to your students' future roles in logistics and supply chain management.

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