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Jan 15, 2024

Guide to the Quality Module in ERPNext

The Quality module in ERPNext is designed to manage the quality control processes within your organization. This guide will help you navigate through the module, explaining how to effectively use its various DocTypes for quality management.

Table of Contents

  1. Quality Inspection
  2. Quality Goal
  3. Quality Procedure
  4. Quality Action
  5. Quality Feedback
  6. Quality Review

1. Quality Inspection

Conducting inspections to ensure product standards.

  • Access Quality Inspections: Find this under the Quality module.
  • Creating a Quality Inspection:
  • Click 'New'.
  • Choose the item to be inspected.
  • Record observations and results against predefined standards.
  • Save and submit the inspection report.

2. Quality Goal

Setting objectives for product quality.

  • Open Quality Goals: Located in the Quality module.
  • Establishing a Quality Goal:
  • Select 'New'.
  • Define standards like defect rates or product specifications.
  • Save the goal to guide future inspections.

3. Quality Procedure

Detailing the steps for quality checks.

  • Navigate to Quality Procedures: Found within the Quality module.
  • Create a Quality Procedure:
  • Click 'New'.
  • Outline detailed steps for conducting quality inspections.
  • Save the procedure for consistent application.

4. Quality Action

Responding to quality issues.

  • Access Quality Actions: In the Quality module.
  • Initiating a Quality Action:
  • Choose 'New'.
  • Specify actions like rework or return for items failing inspections.
  • Record responsible parties and deadlines.
  • Save to ensure corrective measures are tracked.

5. Quality Feedback

Gathering opinions on product quality.

  • Go to Quality Feedback: Under the Quality module.
  • Collect and Review Feedback:
  • Review feedback submitted by customers or internal teams.
  • Assess comments for insights into product performance.
  • Utilize feedback for continuous quality improvement.

6. Quality Review

Regularly assessing quality processes.

  • Conduct Quality Reviews: Periodically review the quality control procedures.
  • Evaluate and Update Processes:
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing quality goals and procedures.
  • Make necessary adjustments to align with evolving quality standards and market demands.

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