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Jan 15, 2024

Manufacturing in Epinomy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Manufacturing turns ideas into products. It's about making sure that what you want to create gets made the right way and at the right time. This guide will show you how to use Epinomy's Manufacturing module to keep your production line running smoothly.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Manufacturing in Epinomy
  2. Setting Up Your Manufacturing Space
  3. Planning and Making Your Product
  4. Keeping an Eye on Production
  5. Wrapping Up Production

1. Getting Started with Manufacturing in Epinomy

The Manufacturing module is where all the production action happens. It's got all the tools you need to go from raw material to the final product that's ready to sell or use.

2. Setting Up Your Manufacturing Space

2.1 BOM (Bill of Materials): The BOM is like a recipe for your product. It lists all the parts you need. - Go to 'Manufacturing' > 'Bill of Materials' and click 'New BOM'. - Pick the item you're going to make and list all the parts, how much you need, and any special notes. - If there's a specific way to make your item, add that process here too.

2.2 Work Order: Work Orders tell your team to start making something. - Find 'Work Order' in the Manufacturing module. - Fill in the details of what you're making, choose the BOM, and say how many you need. - Submit the work order to get things moving.

2.3 Production Plan: Your Production Plan is your schedule. It tells you what you're making and when. - Click on 'Production Plan' in the Manufacturing module. - Create a new plan with the products, how many you need, and when they should be done. - Connect this plan to work orders and material needs so everything is organized.

2.4 Job Card: Job Cards are your to-do lists for each part of making your product. - In 'Manufacturing', look for 'Job Card'. - Make a new card that describes the task, the time it should take, and who's doing it. - Use job cards to keep track of how the work is going.

3. Planning and Making Your Product

3.1 Scheduling and Resources: Make sure you have what you need to make your product, and plan when to make it. - In 'Work Order', use the Gantt chart to figure out who does what and when.

3.2 Material Management: Keep track of all the parts you need so you're ready to make your product. - From the BOM or Production Plan, create a 'Material Request' to automatically get the parts you need.

3.3 Workflow Management: Keep an eye on the steps to make your product. - Use 'Job Card' to see where you are in the process and update the progress.

4. Keeping an Eye on Production

4.1 Watching Your Progress: Make sure you're making things on time. - Check the status of work orders regularly to stay on schedule.

4.2 Making Sure It's Right: Check your products to make sure they're made well. - Set up checks in the BOM or do a separate 'Quality Inspection' for each batch.

4.3 Fixing Problems: If something goes wrong, write it down and fix it. - Use 'Issue' in Manufacturing to log problems and keep track of fixing them.

5. Wrapping Up Production

5.1 Finishing and Learning: When you're done making something, see what you can learn to do better next time. - Mark work orders as finished and look at what went well and what didn't.

5.2 Stock Check: Make sure your inventory matches what you've made. - Use 'Stock Entry' to update your inventory after production.

5.3 Learning and Improving: Use feedback to make your process better. - Look at 'Quality Inspection' and sales info to see how you can improve your BOMs and process.

With this guide, you'll be able to keep your manufacturing on track in Epinomy, making sure you're making quality products efficiently.

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