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Jan 15, 2024

Guide to the Buying Module in ERPNext

The Buying module in ERPNext streamlines your organization's procurement process. This guide details the main DocTypes in the Buying module, facilitating efficient navigation and use for all user levels.

Table of Contents

  1. Supplier Management
  2. Purchase Order Creation
  3. Managing Purchase Receipts
  4. Handling Purchase Invoices
  5. Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  6. Supplier Quotation
  7. Material Requests

1. Supplier Management

Managing details of your suppliers.

  • Access Supplier List: Navigate to the Buying module and select 'Suppliers'.
  • Create New Supplier:
  • Click on 'New'.
  • Fill in details like Supplier Name, Country, and contact information.
  • Save and submit the supplier record.
  • Updating Supplier Information:
  • Choose a supplier from the list to edit their details.
  • Save changes after editing.

2. Purchase Order Creation

To place orders for goods or services from suppliers.

  • Open Purchase Orders: Click on 'Purchase Orders' in the Buying module.
  • Creating a New Order:
  • Choose 'New'.
  • Select a supplier and add items, quantities, rates, and terms.
  • Review, save, and submit the Purchase Order.

3. Managing Purchase Receipts

Documenting the receipt of items from suppliers.

  • Access Purchase Receipts: Select 'Purchase Receipts' in the Buying module.
  • New Receipt Creation:
  • Click 'New'.
  • Choose the related Purchase Order.
  • Confirm received items and quantities.
  • Save and submit the receipt.

4. Handling Purchase Invoices

Recording invoices received from suppliers.

  • Navigate to Purchase Invoices: Located under the Buying module.
  • Create an Invoice:
  • Select 'New'.
  • Link the Purchase Receipt or Order.
  • Enter invoice details and save.

5. Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Soliciting price quotes from multiple suppliers.

  • Open RFQ: Select 'Request for Quotation' in the Buying module.
  • Creating RFQ:
  • Click 'New'.
  • Add items and suppliers.
  • Send RFQs via email.
  • Save and submit the request.

6. Supplier Quotation

Managing quotes received from suppliers.

  • Access Supplier Quotations: In the Buying module.
  • Record a Quotation:
  • Click 'New'.
  • Add supplier's details and quotation.
  • Save and submit.

7. Material Requests

Requesting internal procurement of items.

  • Go to Material Requests: In the Buying module.
  • Create Material Request:
  • Choose 'New'.
  • Select request type (Purchase or Transfer).
  • Add required items and quantities.
  • Save and submit.

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