Since 1996, we have made it easier for organizations to index, organize and retrieve the knowledge isolated in information silos.  


Our Mission

Epinomy is dedicated to helping organizations organize and index all of their information assets so that the people who need the answers can get them quickly and precisely.

how we do it

  • Epinomy Professional Services have several pre-defined, fixed scope action plans for many verticals and situations.
  • We leverage the powerful MarkLogic® operational database for unlimited scalability and performance.
  • We have 20 years experience implementing large scale enterprise information retrieval systems.
  • We partner with experienced taxonomists and data scientists to provide complete implementation support. 
  • We have access to a vast network of subject matter experts across all industries who are eager to help.
  • Data lakes require much less labor-intensive data modeling and extract/transform/load (ETL) processes.
  • Fanatical attention to detail.
  • Hybrid approach of software and services makes buying easy with flexible mix of capital and operational expenses.