Tables are structured, relational data sets including time series, and other OLAP and BI style data. Tables are an excellent way to store numerical data like spreadsheets. Epinomy stores tables in a modern NoSQL transactional database

Text is unstructured content from office documents, tweets, e-mail feeds and other free-form and semi-structured data sources like file systems. Epinomy adds structured facets to text through auto tagging and content enrichment.

Triples are the mechanism of the semantic web. Metadata, including ontologies, taxonomies, dimensions and schemas are all effectively modeled with triples. Epinomy uses triples to glue together tables and text to make enterprise content easy to find.

"Epinomy’s precursor product was so well integrated it seemed like it was part of MarkLogic, and we are very excited about the new features of Epinomy  . . . read more

What's the point of big data if you can't find it?

What if you could find your enterprise content as easily as you find products on  Epinomy does just that.   Amazon, Google and other Internet companies have spent millions researching the best way to find a product or service so that you can buy it.  At Applied Relevance, we take those same techniques and apply them to your enterprise documents, time series, videos and other big data.  It's easy to find stuff on Amazon - why can't it be easy to find stuff on your intranet?

As much as 80% of a company’s data assets are unstructured and without metadata. Basically, it’s unfindable unless you know exactly what document you need and where it is. The remaining 20% is structured, but it typically resides in a variety of silos throughout the enterprise…all in different formats and using different schemas. What a mess! Making matters worse, unstructured and structured content don’t play well together in search.

So what’s the answer? At Applied Relevance, we have the solution. Epinomy provides a comprehensive set of semantic tools to address these problems, including taxonomy/ontology management tools, a rules based auto-tagging engine, faceted search and data graphs that provide for unified access to both unstructured and structured data using common taxonomies/ontologies.

Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how we can make your Big Data sing, enabling your company to take full advantage of All Your Data, All The Time!  Epinomy can help ensure you have that competitive edge that leaves your competition in the dust!