400,000 people die each year because of preventable medical errors.
— Journal of Patient Safety

Epinomy is a data virtualization server aimed at healthcare-related organizations that are facing data interoperability challenges caused by industrywide consolidations and a new regulatory landscape.

Epinomy uses semantics to identify concepts in structured and unstructured data.  It connects to multiple healthcare information systems, and provides a search experience similar to Amazon.com. Only instead of shoes, you can find health records and documents easily and quickly.

20% of preventable medical errors are caused by the lack of immediate access to health information.
— U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

In addition, Epinomy uses a modern database that requires minimal processing of input data  and virtually no data modeling. It is fast, robust and scalable.  New data sources can be added quickly, with minimal processing, and are instantly available for retrieval.

The pain point we are addressing comes from the fact that multi-year, multi-million dollar system migrations are required to consolidate healthcare information systems after a merger.   In the mean time, the legacy systems don’t talk to each other, creating unnecessary friction in the consolidation efforts.  Epinomy is a solution that makes data available across systems in weeks rather than years, so even if you still need multiple EMRs, at least you can search for information across them all.

Epinomy is enterprise software using a traditional licensing model plus maintenance, or as a dedicated SaaS model with monthly fees.  We can accommodate capital or operating budget requirements depending on the customer preference.