What is Epinomy LT?

Epinomy LT is an application for managing taxonomies and autotagging enterprise documents in MarkLogic.

Here's a quick video introduction to Epinomy LT.   

Why do I need Epinomy LT?

If you have enterprise documents that are hard to find, Epinomy LT can make them much easier to find. 

It's also an easy way to build concept trees and vocabularies for searching and navigating enterprise documents.

What are some of the features of Epinomy LT?

The best way to find out the details about Epinomy LT is to watch the Epinomy LT Introduction and Tutorial video.  It covers all of the major features including:

  • Uploading a Taxonomy
  • Modifying Concepts
  • Uploading and Autotagging Documents
  • Linking Concepts to Concepts
  • Linking Concepts to Documents 
  • Faceted Search using Concept Navigation