The Epinomy Concept Manager is the guts of the operation. It includes a taxonomy tree editor, rules editor and tester, simple document management and auto-tagging controls.


The Concept Manager is where the taxonomies/ontologies used as the source for the meta-data added to unstructured data (and structured text data) and the dimensions extracted from structured data are normalized providing for Epinomy’s unified faceted search.

Epinomy's Concept Manager is easy to use, yet still supports a complete set of tools for managing object graph and semantic data.


  • Import taxonomies/ontologies/schemas

Import existing structures in a variety of formats directly into Epinomy’s Concept Manager.

  • Drag and drop taxonomy structure editor

Easy to use modern tree view editor for taxonomies.  Drag and drop entire branches of the tree.  Drag terms to tag documents. Keyboard shortcuts for editing.

  • Auto-tagging rule

Unleash the full power of Epinomy engine to auto-tag your documents.  Test the rules instantly and even auto-tag when the rule changes.

  • Add documents

Our little document management system needs some way to add documents. Add them one or more at a time with drag-and-drop ease.

  • Document properties

Get all meta by looking at data about the data.  See and edit document properties and relationships among documents and terms.  Tags are properties, and you can drag and drop them from one document to another to create links, drag from terms to documents and vice versa.

  • Live document counts

Counts for each term are dynamically updated as documents are added to Epinomy. This is a unique and powerful feature made possible by the MarkLogic platform.

  • Auto-tag terms

This button (re)tags the documents that match the current term rule. No need to re-tag all of the documents in the collection - just re-tag interactively.  Tres moderne.

  • Manually add any tag to a document

 Users can manually add any tag to any individual document.

  • View document tags

See and click on all of the tags that match this document.  And follow the links back into the taxonomy tree!  Now that's cool.

  • Preview document

A highlighted text view of the document.  This is how the indexer sees the document, as a bunch of text.  It is a clean way to view the document without worrying about format and pictures.

  • Select taxonomy

Pick from any active taxonomy from the drop-down list to work on.  Swapping taxonomies is quick and painless.

  • Search documents

No need to create an actual rule if you just want to test one out.  The little box at the top of the List of Documents lets you search with no obligation.  Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

  • Test rule

Executes the rule against all your current documents.  A quick way to see the effect of your changes before you commit them to the database and autotag documents.

  • Advanced links

A taxonomy is one kind of graph. It is perhaps the simplest and most intuitive for humans to understand.  However, there are many kinds of relationships between terms and objects, and Epinomy can model most of them.  We provide a powerful, yet simple interface on top of the triple store that allows you to describe how terms and documents are related to each other in a semantic web of data.