A Taste of Epinomy

Our latest version of Epinomy - called Epinomy LT - is now available for download. C'mon. Give it a try.  You know you want to.  

What is Epinomy LT?   

Epinomy LT is an application that lets you build taxonomies and vocabularies and apply them to your enterprise documents as tags.   You can load many kinds of documents into Epinomy and have them instantly tagged with a vocabulary that you control.

Here's a tutorial about how to use it.  Pretty easy, I think.

Who is it for?

Epinomy is enterprise software.  That means that it is mostly for companies that have LOTS of information assets like office documents that are hard to find.  If you are a corporate librarian, knowledge engineer, enterprise search specialist or taxonomist - this thing is right up your alley.

Why does it work?

Have you ever bought shoes on Amazon.com?   There are over 500,000 shoes on Amazon.  How did you find the pair you wanted?   The answer is metadata tagging.  All those shoes were marked up with size, designer, type, color, manufacturer and other information that made them easy to find.   

The same can be true of your enterprise documents and other information assets.  If you can just figure out the right metadata to add to documents, then you can find them easier.   Epinomy gives you powerful tools to tag documents automatically based on their content so that they are much easier to find.

Here, watch this video for pictures and narration:

Can I try it out?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.   You can download Epinomy LT for free and give it a try on your laptop, server or even Mac. 

Epinomy LT requires MarkLogic 7.  Don't let that freak you out.  MarkLogic is awesome software that provides the real power behind Epinomy, and it is easy to install a developer's version for free, non-production use - just like Epinomy LT.  

So, register here and instantly download a copy for Epinomy LT for yourself.  It will change your life.

After you've spent some time with Epinomy LT, give Rick Avery a shout.  He's a really nice guy who won't give you the hard sell.  If Epinomy LT doesn't quite have what you want, we're working on the next version called "Epinomy TTT" that is going to be really hard core, man.  We always welcome enhancement requests - especially if they are interesting.