Pass Fail

The passes between Denver and the Moab Desert is a pleasant drive across the Continental Divide.  I know this because I made that trip in October 2012 in a Chrysler 300 luxury sedan. 

When I arrived at my brother Phil's condo the weather situation was looking pretty bleak. There was a storm brewing in the Rockies that had snow measured in feet rather than inches.   

Saturday morning confirmed what we already knew - the I-70 pass would not be open to electric luxury sports sedans. They didn't actually post a sign that said "no Teslas", but they might as well have. So I made the command decision to book a flight from DEN and LAS rather than risk it.  

The highlights of my Saturday included barbecue with eight Everitts at a bowling alley and taking a photograph of the iconic Original Chipotle restaurant near DU. 

You will notice a marijuana dispensery strategically placed next door.  I am not the first to note this coincidence, and will not be the last.  Also, clearly not a coincidence. 



Burritos and canabis go together like a horse and carriage. 

I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't make the drive as planned, but Mr. Brightside came along and helped me out with hamster brain rationalizations as to why it was okay.  

1. That's about 2000 miles fewer I'll be putting on my car.  

2. It was nice to have a day to decompress and hang out with my brothers.  

3. I had already made the trip.  While it is a majestic drive, I'm okay never making that trip again.  

Sunday, I flew to Vegas for the SharePoint convention.   Please try to accept that my life is far more exciting than yours.  I realize that most can only dream of attending a Microsoft convention, so I will refrain from regaling you with the heroic tales of that part of the Odyssey. Except for this: I got to rent a Dodge Caravan in Vegas.  Nothing says "you've arrived" like driving The Strip in a forest green rented minivan.