You Betcha

My first stop of the day was Mauston, Wisconsin.   The charger was behind a Culver's - Home of the Butterburger.  

Mmmmmm Butterburger.

Nothing screams "Wisconsin" like a Culvers in 7º fahrenheit.

Nothing screams "Wisconsin" like a Culvers in 7º fahrenheit.

(but it was 8:00 AM, and they refused to open it for me to get a butterburger.  Bastards.)

By now, I'm accustomed to people slowly creeping to have closer look at Nikki.  Oh, who am I kidding, they're there to look at me.  

A guy  in a modified Prius drove up while I was charging.  His Prius had been modified with extra battery packs to run longer on electric power.  His organization had made a run at the electrification business.  We had a nice conversation and I took a picture.


I charged next in LaCrosse, Wisconsin just before crossing the Mississippi River.  There was a Home Depot next to that one, so I went in and bought an ice scraper/brush and a child's snow shovel for the frunk.  Just in case.

After Cleveland, I am now much more careful how I drive.  Just because you can zip past people by accelerating from 60 mph to 80 mph up-hill with the cabin heat firing up full-blast does not mean it is a good idea. 


Minnesota has a lot of windmills just sitting there doing nothing.   I passed hundreds of them and none were spinning.   To be fair, there was no wind.  But still. 

in Sioux Falls I came across the first other Tesla since Aurora.   Harry is driving from Prince Edward Island to Las Angeles to visit his daughter and grandkids.   He has a very early Model S Signature model with over 34,000 miles on it so far.  I sat in his car with him and chatted.   In that kind of weather, with long stretches between chargers, you want to have a good buffer range.   So, it can take an hour or so to charge that much.

Harry taught me how to use the energy graph to better plan my consumption.  I started playing a game with myself to never get below double the current range to the next supercharger. It's not hard at all to do if you stay at 65 miles per hour.   It is a bit tougher if you want to go 80 mph.  I would find myself driving faster and firing up the cabin heat toward the end of a leg when it became apparent that I had plenty of range remaining. I will confess to a touch of healthy range anxiety - but nothing that can't be handled with my newfound mental tools. 

Harry was a bit in front of me, so he would leave and then I would catch up with him at the next Supercharger.  We made it all the way to Rapid City at the foot of Mt. Rushmore and I spent the night at a Microtel. 

All in all, this was a very pleasant part of the journey.   No major drama.  Just a pleasant drive.

Gee, I hope Tomorrow is as uneventful as today was.   

* Wow - prairies is a surprisingly hard word to spell.