Trek IV : The Voyage Home

The flight from Vegas to Denver was relatively crash free.   I returned late Thursday night to reunite with my beloved Nikki.   I had let Phil drive her while I was gone, and he washed and vacuumed and hardly broke anything at all, really.

One cool thing about the iPhone app that comes with the Model S is that you can track in real time the movements of the car.  When I arrived at the airport and was waiting at the baggage claim, I fired up the app and watched as Phil approached the airport at a safe speed, and was able to step off the curb just as he drove up.   

Cheyenne Supercharger

Cheyenne Supercharger

I spent the night and got out of there at about 9:00 AM Friday morning to begin the drive to Cheyenne.  The Superchargers are not always easy to find, even with a GPS pin.   in some cases on the way out, I had to drive around a bit looking for the telltale white arches and transformer tucked into a back parking lot next to a motel or in a mall parking lot.   On the way back, I knew where they were, so it took some stress away from the journey.

The weather on the way out was not as bad as it had been on the way in, but the Black Hills were still a snowy mess in some places, and foggy and cold in all places.   It would truly suck to break down out there.

I made it in one piece to the Rushmore Mall Supercharger, where I enjoyed an Orange Julius and bought a sticky iPhone holder that I mounted to the obeche wood paneling next to the 17" display.   It does a great job of holding the phone in place while it charges from the USB, while allowing me more control than the bluetooth interface built-in to the car.

My favorite holiday is "Daylight Savings Time Day".  Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Independence day all have their charms, but nothing beats springing forward.  Intellectually I know that time is an artificial construct invented by our ancestors to enslave us to the will of The State, but that "extra hour" of daylight causes me to suspend my cognitive dissonance and embrace the fact that I can now find time to get to the beach and watch the sunsets this time of year.

Since Daylight Savings Time was fast approaching, I took the opportunity in Rapid City to shop for the appropriate decorations for the following Sunday morning, including a novelty alarm clock and a ceremonial gong.  You celebrate your way, I'll celebrate mine.

I managed to make it to the Mitchell, SD Supercharger where I bivouacked for the night at a Ramada Inn.  I got there at about 1:00 AM, and to my dismay the Hip Hop convention in Mitchell SD had just seen it's last participants drive away in a blue 1994 Altima.  I can only imagine what a hip hop convention in rural South Dakota looks like.  The night manager assured me that it was pretty much what one would expect.   He was a 60 year old white dude.  I have no idea what *he* would expect it to be.  I expected a bunch of obese white kids wearing FUBU and doing the Electric Slide to Li'l Wayne.

I slept like a rock.

Tomorrow, I try to make it to "The Good Land".