Climbing is hard work.  The stretch from Hagarstown MD and Somerset PA was fraught with peril.  

I may have made a wrong turn while yapping on the phone, and that led me on a path that put me on back roads into Somerset.  Plus, I didn't fully charge in Hagarstown.       

You will note the big spoke of power on the energy meter.  That was a big ass hill taken at 80 MPH.   

Note that I had 4 miles of range left when I pulled into the back of the Wendy's for my supercharge.   



4 miles of charge remaining.  

Somerset to Cleveland appears to be one of the longer stretches.  You can bet your bippie that I'm going to fully charge for that one.    

At least I can have a nice leisurely salad at Ruby Tuesday.   


The only known photograph from this booth in Ruby Tuesday in Somerset Pennsylvania.