The ell-bees

It turns out that sitting in a car for 12 hours a day is a lot like sitting in front of a screen for 12 hours a day.  If these first two days are an indicator, I will weigh 300 lbs by the time I return home.  If I am to avoid the ending scenes of Wall-e, there needs to be some rulez of the road. 

I had intended to get a folding bike to try to get in some exercise, but that fell through.  Push ups, walking and isometrics will have to do. 



Oh captain my captain

 1. No eating in the car.

This would seem like a good rule to have anyway. You will be shocked to find that I have consumed popcorn, beef jerkey, chips, almonds and even a Big Mac while driving.  Shocked, I tell you.  

2. No hamburgers or French fries.  

Saturday, I had Five Guys when there was a perfectly good sushi restaurant next door. Yesterday, I had some kind of "skillet burrito" which is never okay in rural North Carolina.

Rather than eat a healthy-ish dish at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore, I had a supersize #1 meal at McDonalds on the drive back. With Diet Coke. That admission enough is to shame me before you, my peers. 

3. Admit It

I pledge to you that I will post any violations of the aforementioned rules. Not only is that boring blogging, the shame of writing the word Big and following it with Mac will compel me to behave properly. 

I won't promise not to brag if I actually make a good food choice in South Dakota.  

The Drive 

Yesterday I met up with a 2 hour traffic jam between Richmond and DC. Navigating a traffic pileup in a Tesla Is about 10% better than other cars for three reasons.  First, you don't have to brake much.  The regenerative braking means that you are driving with one foot, by and large.  Second, you are not wasting fuel  running a gasoline generator while you sit in traffic. Third, instant torque really allows you to take opportunities and make more nimble decisions when switching lanes or merging.  

This last point cannot be overstated.  Having instant power on demand is a hidden safety feature of the Model S. When merging at highway speeds, I have the option to instantly match the speed of the main artery and slip in as easily as changing lanes.  In most ICE cars, there is a substantial lag between punching it and getting the actual results.  


I managed to get to the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore. If you recall  I decided to forego the opportunity in Myrtle Beach, since it would have been 200 miles out of my way.   

Heres the thing about downtowns. They suck when you have a car.  I ended up paying $8 for 15 minutes parking. At least I was able to walk a few blocks in the city and get some exercise.  

Ooh - another rule:

4) Eschew Elevators

Take the stairs in parking garages and buildings when that is a possibility.  

 I had never been beyond the airport in Baltimore, so it was nice to see the city at night.

The weather was fine.  I had as long a conversation with the shop clerk as one would expect to have. I noted the deserted bar on a Sunday night and headed on to Tysons Corner to my hotel.  

My Hotel 

I am staying at the Embassy Suites.  It is a perfectly fine hotel, but it is like stepping into a time machine.  There was a period when a mullet was an option for me, and when brass and glass was an option for decor. That time has passed for me, but apparently not for Hilton.  

Nonetheless, I got a good nights sleep, and today is all about meetings.