I am checked in to the holiday inn in Lumberton NC. There is a party going on in the attached bar.  

My goal was to get to Myrtle Beach, but then I did the math.  It would take me 200 miles out of my way for a pair of drumsticks.  Lumberton soon became more appealing, if not as scenic.  

Watching the locals do some kind of "slide" dance is more entertaining anyway.    

One thing about Superchargers is that they tend to be located near outlet malls.   I managed to get a hamburger at Port Orange, but didn't bother with the Izod shirt.  It was too big around the middle.  

In Savannah, I did the pee dance from the airport parking lot into the terminal at the supercharger there.  Timing is going to be a key part of this journey.  

It is a pretty comfortable trip so far.  I got a tiny but of range anxiety between St Augustine and Savannah. The yellow "range conservation mode" came on at about 44 miles of charge left.  



Supercharging really makes all the difference.  This is about the same distance I would have made driving a Prius.  

Tomorrow will be an easy trip to DC.