1001 Things you have to bring on Tesla road trip

I'm leaving today.   The first day will be a fairly leisurely drive up to Myrtle Beach to get my first set of drumsticks.  

I'll make 4 charging stops, driving roughly 3 hours between charges. Basic math says it will take 12 hours.  It's 8:00 am now.  I'd better get going!

Here is my checklist:

0001 - Sleeping bag and pillows

There is a greater than zero chance that I will want to stretch out in the back of the car and sleep.  Fold the seats down, and there is plenty of room.  Nice and comfy.  I'm not making any hotel reservations in advance - but I will look down the road on the day of and try to find a property with a Level 2 charger, at least, so I can stop and charge overnight.

0010 - Folding Bicycle

Well - it was a good idea.  I thought I ordered one on Amazon for next-day delivery.  But that didn't work out.  Either I didn't read the order correctly, or Amazon messed up.   Either way, no bike for me.

That would have been fun.  

0011 - Apples

This is a working trip.  My wife calls it my vacation - but since I have to stop every 3 hours or so for 45 minutes, I'll actually be able to do quite a bit of work.  I presume that the interstates now have pretty good mobile coverage for AT&T here in 2014, so I'll also be able to make lots of calls.

I'll be bringing my Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone with me.  That should be enough to keep me connected to the world.  Also, I have a nano-projector that I can use to have impromptu movie nights on the side of taco stands in the midwest.

0100 - Chicken Shit Ticket Protection

I've been driving for 30 years.  In that time, I never got a speeding ticket, until 2 weeks after getting Nikki.   And while the ticket was for "speeding", It was really for "accelerating".   The speed limit on that road was 45.   I went from 0 to 45 (and no higher) in about 1.8 seconds off the line.  
At that moment, I knew what it was like to be targeted.   A middle-aged white dude driving a luxury sports sedan on University Blvd. might as well be a tatted-up 19 year-old wearing gang colors on his hoodie to the 7-Eleven.  

Hey, man, I didn't do anything wrong!   Get off my case!   

So now I have a radar detector.  Would it have protected me?  No.  But there are many more men in blue waiting for their chance to bag a Tesla and $400 towards their quota.  

0101 - Flashtunes

While the Slacker Internet Radio in the Tesla is really nice when you have a good strong signal, nothing beats the sound quality of lossless FLAC or MP3 on a flash drive.  I have a 129GB drive filled with mostly good music to play on the "concert hall" sound system.   

It sounds really good.

Also, I have a bunch of podcasts on my iPhone.

0110 - Video Equipment

I intend to interview fellow Superchargers on the way up, with a few simple questions:

When did you get your Tesla?

Where did you come from today?

Where are you going today?


What's your favorite thing about the car?

What's your least favorite thing about the car?

What is your favorite color?

How awesome is it to be a middle-aged white guy?

0111 - Layers

You people who live up north are crazy people.  I don't even own the kind of coats that I'll be needing.  All I have is my leather aviator's jacket and sweaters.  To conserve power, I'll probably not run the heater to the 70º that I'm accustomed to - but  the seat heaters should keep my thin blood from freezing in my veins.

1000 - Suits

This is a business trip, after all.   I need to look my best.  I haven't decided how much to shave yet.   

1001 -Tools

Model S does not come with a spare tire.   Instead, they have Tesla Rangers that come to you and fix your flat tire for you.   That roadside service is included in the price of the car.  I hope I don't have to use it, but I hear it is pretty good.

I will bring an electric tire pump - but I can't think of any other tools that might be helpful.  Even modern internal combustion engines aren't really user serviceable.  But the Tesla has a motor, a gear box and a battery pack.   That's it.   No user serviceable components inside.


There are 10 kinds of people in the world:  those who know binary and those who don't.