Dr. Brain and the Fallacious Festival of FUD

I had lunch on Friday with three friends from High School (go Marauders).  One is a brain surgeon, one is a software engineer and the other is a registered nurse/computer engineer.  These are some smart dudes.  

The conversation turned immediately to the Odyssey.  The physician, let's call him Dr. Brain, shoots guns, abhors the Affordable Care Act and isn't quite sold on global warming.  He was all about spewing the Fox News Talking Points regarding electric cars, and particularly Tesla.  This was going to be fun.

One of my favorite things to do is to engage people who are skeptical of electric cars and introduce them to Nikki.  Since a Tesla is a significant investment for me, I spent most of my free time last summer watching Model S porn on Youtube and lurking in teslamotorsclub.com.  I was well prepared.   

The script is always the same.  

Dr. Brain "So, what is the range on that thing?" 

Me: "Rated range is 264 miles on a full charge.  The way I drive it is slightly less than that.  I can get to Orlando and back if I need to." 

DB: "How long will the batteries last?"  

Me: "Nobody really knows for sure, but the packs from the Roadster are holding up well.  I expect that after 10 years or so they may have 10% - 20% less capacity  but by then there will likely be higher capacity, less expensive replacements anyway. How long do you want to keep yourBMW 740 iL?" 

DB: "How much does it cost?"

BMW 740il

BMW 740il

Me: "About the same as a BMW 740iL.  You could afford one, Dr. Brain."

DB: "How long does it take to charge?"

Me: "I treat it like a mobile phone.   Plug it in overnight, and it's ready in the morning.   At home, it charges at a rate of 23 miles of range per hour of charging.   Where I live, electricity costs 11¢ per kilowatt hour, which means a complete charge from zero (never never let it get to zero) would cost $8.88.  I usually drive about 30 miles a day, so it takes less than $1/day to keep it charged.  My wife spends about $200/month on gas for her Honda Crosstour".

DB: "It's not really cleaner than a gas car, because you have to burn coal go generate the electricity."

Me: "Electricity can be generated by dozens of methods, not just coal.   In the Tampa Bay Area we have a few dozen generators, most of which run off of coal or natural gas.  But, I could put solar panels on my house and charge it for free, and I may do that at some point."

At the end of our lunch, I took him for a drive in my Tree Hugger Mobile.   

Now he wants one.