TPA to LAS and back in a Tesla Model S

My Dad was an antsy guy.  He liked to be on the open road, driving busses and cabs and his family on long trips to Michigan, Wisconsin and Mississippi to see our relatives.   You could say I've got a bit of wanderlust in my genes.  The itch to travel is engrained in my DNA.

Over the years, that itch has been scratched by a job that required about 50% travel.  Like Johnny Cash, I've been everywhere, man.    Traveling is fun.   It is adventure.  Yes, it can be tedious and soul crushing - but as Louis CK says - "you're sitting in a chair, in the sky".

Many people*  compare me to Elon Musk because I am CEO of two global corporations: Applied Relevance and Epinomy.  Except I'm not a billionaire.  Or nearly as smart.  Or nearly as hard-working.  But I am a middle-aged white dude with sons and an engineering degree who has been to South Africa.

Also, I own one of his cars.  Can I say this?  - it's delightful.

A few months ago, it would have been unthinkable to drive an electric car from Tampa to Las Vegas.   But with the recent completion of the cross country Supercharger Corridor I can now do it, albeit via a circuitous route, completely free of fuel costs.

I've pretty much gotten my route planned.   It will take me up the East coast through DC and across to Chicago, through the Northern Plains and down the front range of the Rockies, through Loveland Pass,  through the Moab and the Four Corners and across Arizona into Las Vegas.   Whew.

My proposed route by Supercharger vs. "Sitting in a chair in the sky"

My proposed route by Supercharger vs. "Sitting in a chair in the sky"

Why?   Why would a man do this?   

First of all, I've never driven across country.  If I had, the most likely route would have been across the South on I-10, so I would have no reason to go the Northern Plains route.   I hear it is beautiful country, even if there is a chance of horrifically cold weather at the end of February.   

Secondly, I have a conference to attend in Las Vegas.   There is a Sharepoint conference where two of our partner companies will be sponsoring, and I can be a the fetching eye candy for the booth.  I might get to touch Bill Clinton while I'm there.  Who wouldn't want to do that?

Finally, it is an adventure.  The supercharger network will cover the southern route by next year, so I would not have an excuse to take the Northern route.   Sure its a long slog, but I've got my favorite podcasts and a really nifty hi-fi set in the dashboard.

I plan to post much more frequently than I usually do during this adventure.  As you can see from this blog, that's not a high bar to overcome. I hope to get my writing skills and grammer to be, um, what do you call it - um - like not as sucky?  

If you're lucky, I'll weave a banal tapestry of how Epinomy fits into this entire exercise.   Brace yourself and watch this space.

* by "many people" I mean nobody at all.